Pioneering the Future of Energy

FortZED tries cutting-edge technology developed by university researchers, City utility experts and businesses. Under this umbrella, trial-and error experiments are welcome and help push ideas into real-world applications! As an example, FortZED provided the structure for university researchers to test use of distributed power – power located close to the company/electric consumer – on the City’s electrical grid.

This collaborative, “whole systems approach” is designed to move Fort Collins toward a more efficient and sustainable future. This is accomplished by:

It’s up to all of us to create and participate in renewable production and energy efficiency programs for our community.

FortZED’s role:

  • Convener / Facilitator: attract and connect people to resources
  • Promoter: recruit participants, help them promote their participation
  • Project Designer: encourage projects that demonstrate real-world value
  • Communicator: engage the community through collective projects and widespread participation

Learn about FortZED’s Renewable and Distributed Systems Integration (RDSI) Case Study.