Project Highlights

  • Project currently in planning with a pilot of up to 100 households that span a range of customer types in 2016

What is it?

Born from a Rocky Mountain Institute Design Charrette focused on re-visioning FortZED in November 2012, Fort Collins Utilities and Efficiency-Works Neighborhood™ (EW-N) have launched a pilot program that features home performance upgrades as part of a streamlined package for homeowners. This pilot is a groundbreaking new model of the Utility Energy Efficiency (EE) conservation program. It’s designed to meet the scale and comprehensiveness of EE and the renewables required to meet the City of Fort Collins Climate Action Plan by testing a new, streamlined model for our electric customers.

How does it help?

This model attempts to overcome barriers for customer project implementation, which often include time and lack of money. The EW-N pilot is the next step for the EW-Home program, and will last until the fall of 2016.

What will it cost?

An investment of up to $15,000 per household could translate into a lifetime of savings in one home.

The pilot is funded in part by the largest DEED grant ever given by the American Public Power Association (APPA) to a utility, innovation funds from Platte River Power Authority, a donation of staff time from the Rocky Mountain Institute and Fort Collins Utilities Efficiency Works-Home Program phase 2 budget.

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