Project Highlights

  • Contribute 25+ MW to Fort Collins energy supply portfolio
  • Fort Collins Utilities, Platte River Power Authority and other FortZED partners are actively pursuing the addition of renewable energy generation through potential wind projects, additions of up to 30 MW of solar and methane capture at a Fort Collins wastewater facility
  • Fort Collins Utilities will be piloting a Income Qualified solar program in 2015

What is it?

Develop renewable energy generation alternatives in the region including wind power, solar electric, biomass and waste-to-energy resources.

How does it help?

Renewable energy options displace fossil fuel resources and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, provide energy security and create jobs. Successful adoption of renewable generation options could lead local businesses to provide solutions across the United States and bring jobs to economic growth to Northern Colorado and the state.

What will it cost?

Solutions are likely to include a combination of public and private investment. Customers may attain long-term savings through investment partnerships and long-term Purchase Power Agreements.

Purchase Renewable Energy:

Project Partners