Project Highlights

  • Current status: pending project development and funding
  • Goal: implement CrowdSource technology into existing thermostats in 2,500 homes citywide
  • Contributes 2 MW in daily demand reduction and about 300 MWh per year of avoided on-peak energy consumption
  • FortZED and Fort Collins Utilities are currently seeking ways to incorporate the CrowdSource algorithm into more thermostat options. This technology could be incorporated into a thermostat which could then be certified to work with the Fort Collins Utilities energy management system.

What is it?

The CrowdSource Thermostat is a direct replacement for traditional residential thermostats. It automatically reduces summer peak energy load through imperceptible, automated adjustments to the HVAC controls. Using a proprietary algorithm from IE Technologies, this approach to energy efficiency doesn’t require communications or external control, avoiding the issues of privacy, security, reliability, and complexity normally associated with programmable WiFi thermostats and air conditioning cycling programs.

How does it help?

The CrowdSource Thermostat technology provides a means for the entire community to participate in shaving peak energy load, by effortlessly accessing HVAC equipment, homeowners and small businesses that are out of reach. More importantly, it provides an avenue for the public to contribute to energy use reductions without sacrificing comfort. The technology’s micro adjustments have very small impact on each device and home, but can add up to substantial results when aggregated by hundreds or thousands of thermostats.

What will it cost?

Equipment and project costs of roughly $500/unit are required for project implementation, engineering, measurement and validation. A public/private partnership will help pay for the units.

What can you do now?

CrowdSource thermostat technology is still in the development phases. However, you can take an important first step by participating in Fort Collins Utilities’ Peak Partners Thermostat program and installing a Comverge Wi-Fi thermostat. Click here to learn more about Comverge Wi-Fi thermostats.