Pioneering the Future of Energy

The collaborators of FortZED are bringing their early success with energy demonstration projects to a new role. The FortZED partnership, led by the City of Fort Collins, Colorado State University and Colorado Clean Energy Cluster businesses, provides an open forum for bringing ideas and technology together to advance solutions for the energy sector’s most challenging problems. 21st century challenges include smart grid management, equity, financing, technology application and lack of social science integration.

The FortZED partners believe a systems approach and accelerated development of practical solutions is vital to move Fort Collins and other communities toward a more efficient and sustainable future. This can be accomplished by addressing key barriers with real world testing for:

  • Electricity Generation, Use and Efficiency
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Alternative Transportation Fuels and Systems
  • Behavior Systems
  • Financial Systems
  • Business Models

FortZED’s Role:

  • Idea accelerator—provides an open forum for novel and innovative ideas and technologies to be explored and applied
  • Catalyst—attracts and connects people to local resources and partners to facilitate project development and execution
  • Promoter—provides a platform for sharing replicable and scalable solutions through case studies and lessons learned

Learn about FortZED’s Renewable and Distributed Systems Integration (RDSI) Case Study.