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The FortZED initiative has evolved since 2007 to provide an open forum and for businesses, organizations, City of Fort Collins, and Colorado State University researchers and staff to bring their energy technology and ideas together to help solve some of the energy sector’s toughest challenges while maintain Fort Collins’ vibrant business economy. FortZED is a testing ground to accelerate innovative ideas that move us toward a more efficient and sustainable future, and acts as a catalyst for creating sustainable intergovernmental, academic and business partnerships.

See what projects have been ignited by FortZED since the program’s inception, and what we’ve got in the pipeline.

Case Studies and Lessons Learned


The FortZED “RDSI” (Renewable and Distributed Systems Integration) project tested a number of technologies that reduced peak energy use and integrated renewable and distributed energy resources, such as solar panels, into our electric energy system.

DC Hybrid Building

Imagine a building that uses 10-20% less energy, gets 10-20% more PV output, is resilient and uses back up power while providing a productive, healthy and safe environment for occupants.