Arrow Electronics and OsiSoft approached the FortZED Steering Committee seeking a partner in a proof of concept project for use of micro metering and smart grid technologies to help facility managers curb energy use in complex industrial settings. Colorado State University had a facility that met these criteria and agreed to partner with AE, OsiSoft and Microsoft for this pilot. ¬†CSU’s Chemistry Building has had a larger than expected energy footprint. The fundamental hypothesis is that by providing better details of energy consumption, new insights for better managing that consumption will emerge. From behavioral change and greater efficiency of equipment used in the Chemistry Labs, the Project Team expects to enable meaningful reductions in energy consumption.

What is it?

Project Highlights: Project is a proof of concept for use of micro metering technology at a CSU Laboratory to better understand power usage and influence a meaningful drop in energy consumption.

How does it help?

Through this more granular view of energy consumption data (recorded in the OSIsoft PI System); it is hypothesized that CSU will gain an understanding of power usage characteristics and be able to influence a meaningful drop in energy consumption.

What will it cost?

Currently the only cost incurred by the project is staff hours from the four partner organizations, and the use of the facility. All equipment has been donated for the purposes of the pilot project.