Ignited by FortZED

FortZED projects revolve around solving clean energy challenges that will help accelerate energy sector transformation. The development and advancement of innovative projects is facilitated by university researchers, municipal experts, private businesses and passionate individuals. The case studies and lessons learned on this page detail projects that have been everything from incredibly successful to difficult to execute. Most importantly, the past decade of FortZED has provided a wealth of information and expertise that continues to drive Fort Collins and the world toward a better energy future.

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The FortZED “RDSI” (Renewable and Distributed Systems Integration) project tested a number of technologies that reduced peak energy use and integrated renewable and distributed energy resources, such as solar panels, into our electric energy system.

DC Hybrid Building

Imagine a building that uses 10-20% less energy, gets 10-20% more PV output, is resilient and uses back up power while providing a productive, healthy and safe environment for occupants.

Crowdfunding Pilot for Home Efficiency Upgrades

The purpose of this project was to explore an innovative alternative financing mechanism for residential energy efficiency projects.